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Effortless Mobile Notifications for Terminal Commands

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Nudge Notifier

Effortless Terminal Notifications over Slack and Discord

Hate pausing Netflix to check on your terminal?
Hate waking up from midday-naps to failed builds?
We know you hate babysitting your terminal.

Nudge automatically notifies you on Slack when long-running terminal commands finish or fail.
(yeah, even over ssh)

Because you're not your needy terminal's mother.

🏷️ Limited free licenses for individuals
Business users email

Monolithic build systems at work? Send a reminder to your work email

In the current financial environment, developer productivity is a top priority at every successful business.
We developers often walk away from our machines - Nudge pings us when we can resume work.




Want us to send a reminder to your work email?

Need more time for your new year's resolutions?
Spend less time babysitting your terminal.

No more monitoring long builds at work.
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