Nudge Notifier

How to Install

🏷️ Limited free licenses for individuals
Business users email

  1. Download the MacOS app

    v1.8 - shasum 43d94bbabf87e3e4565aa3acb3ccff57f0397cfb

  2. Unzip and move the Nudge app to the Applications folder.

  3. Launch the app from the Applications folder.
    You might face the standard Mac "Nudge cannot be opened" error.

    In that case, press "Cancel".
    Then go to System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Open Anyway.

  4. Install the bot for Slack or Discord

  5. The application launches in the taskbar.
    Press the "Connect to Slack", and/or the "Connect to Discord" button.

  6. Select which channel you'd like to install the bot in.
    Most likely you just want to install it to the Nudge bot channel.

    This is the most important step.

  7. You can also enable Nudge to automatically open at startup.

  8. Voila! Enjoy saving countless hours of monitoring your builds and long scripts.
    If your dogs/hobbies/Netflix want to thank us, reach us at

Known Bugs

  1. On certain systems the app *might* malfunction on the first launch after an install or a reboot.
    In that case, just exit the app and relaunch.
    (Pesky, we know. We're working on it.)

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